Is there free Wi-Fi in the apartments?2021-04-15T16:21:50+02:00

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in the restaurant area, swimming pool and beach restaurant.

Can I check in early?2021-04-15T16:22:55+02:00

Check-in is from 2.00pm, but if you arrive earlier you can leave your bags at the reception and enjoy the facilities. Room keys may be delivered before 2.00pm subject to availability.

I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail, what can I do?2021-04-15T16:24:06+02:00

You can contact us at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

When are check-in and check-out?2021-04-15T16:25:17+02:00

Check-in is from 2.00pm and check-out is till 11.30am.

Can I leave the hotel after check-out?2021-04-15T16:26:27+02:00

Yes, you can leave your bags at reception and enjoy the hotel facilities until check-out. Keeping the room longer may involve an additional cost and is subject to availability. We recommend you check with reception.

How far is it from the airport to the hotel?2021-04-15T16:27:25+02:00

Complete information on how to get to the hotel can be found by clicking on “From the Airport” in the “Location” section at the bottom of our web page.

Can I change my meal plan?2021-04-15T16:28:47+02:00

Yes, please contact us by email at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

Can I add a person to my booking or change the number of nights?2021-04-15T16:29:45+02:00

Yes, please contact us by email at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

Can I make a reservation if I don’t have an email address?2021-04-15T16:30:52+02:00

No, an email address is required to make a reservation. If you don’t have one you can use a relative’s or friend’s.

Can I change the apartment type in my booking?2021-04-15T16:32:02+02:00

Yes, you can. Please contact us by e-mail at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

Is there a safe in the apartments?2021-04-15T16:33:37+02:00

Yes, each room is equipped with a safe. It costs €2.50 per day and there is a €10 deposit.

Is there a childcare or babysitting service?2021-04-15T16:34:41+02:00

No. We’re sorry, we do not offer childcare/babysitting but do have daily entertainment and a mini disco every night.

Is there a hairdryer in the apartment?2021-04-15T16:36:11+02:00

Yes, each apartment is equipped with a hairdryer.

Is there an iron in the apartment?2021-04-15T16:37:21+02:00

Irons are available subject to availability and must be requested at reception. A €20 deposit is required.

Is there a cradle in the apartment?2021-04-15T16:38:13+02:00

If you let us know when booking that you’ll be coming with a baby, we’ll provide a cradle free of charge.

Can I smoke in the hotel?2021-04-15T16:39:07+02:00

Spanish law prohibits smoking in indoor public spaces. Smoking is only permitted in certain outdoor areas. You may smoke on your balcony or terrace if your accommodation is so equipped, but rooms have smoke detectors, so keep doors into the apartment closed while smoking.

Is there private parking at the hotel?2021-04-15T16:39:49+02:00

No, but there is free public parking nearby.

Is gluten-free food available?2021-04-15T16:40:37+02:00

Yes, but please contact us at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

If I arrive early at the hotel, can I use the facilities?2021-04-15T16:41:33+02:00

Yes, when you check in you’ll be able to enjoy all the hotel facilities included in your rate.

Can I enjoy the hotel facilities without staying at the hotel?2021-04-15T16:42:25+02:00

Yes, we have a Day Pass option available. For more information, please email us at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

What are the hours of the swimming pool?2021-04-15T16:43:22+02:00

The swimming pool is open from 9.00am to 7.00pm, subject to seasonal changes.

Is it possible to request a vegetarian menu?2021-04-15T16:45:23+02:00

Of course. Please email us at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

Can I book a shuttle service/transfer?2021-04-15T19:56:14+02:00

Yes, you can book transport to the hotel on our website. Our trusted provider can be reached here (link) https://reservas.dipesagroup.com/index.php/es/component/dipesa/reservar?punto=sanmiguelpark.

Can I book an excursion?2021-04-15T19:57:08+02:00

Yes, you can book excursions through our trusted provider here (link) https://smiguel.existalia.com/servicios-y-actividades/aquabus-formentera/.

Can I make a booking if I don’t have a credit/debit card?2021-04-15T19:59:43+02:00

Our booking website allows you to pay by bank transfer. You may pay the remainder in cash on arrival.

What do you consider a “baby” and a “child”?2021-04-15T20:00:29+02:00

We consider “babies” to be under 2 years old and “children” to be between 2 and 14 years old, both inclusive.

Is there a microwave in the apartment?2021-04-15T20:01:13+02:00

Yes, all apartments and studios have a microwave.

Is it possible to rent beach umbrellas and sun chairs?2021-04-15T20:01:56+02:00

Hotel beach umbrellas and loungers are available free of charge. Umbrellas and loungers on public beaches must be paid for.

What is the taxi fare from the airport?2021-04-15T20:02:35+02:00

About €40 depending on the time of day. A taxi can take up to 4 people.

Can I pay with American Express?2021-04-15T20:03:17+02:00

Prepayments may only be made with VISA or MasterCard, but American Express is accepted at reception.

Do you have pool/beach towels at the hotel or do I have to bring them with me?2021-04-15T20:03:58+02:00

We charge €2.50 for towel rental and cleaning. A €10 per-towel deposit will be refunded upon return.

How much is the tourist tax?2021-04-15T20:05:14+02:00

The tax on tourist stays in the Balearic Islands (not included in the price of your stay) is €2.20 per person per day for guests over 16.  From the ninth day onwards, it is €1.10.

Is there a refrigerator in the room?2021-04-15T20:11:32+02:00

Yes, all apartments and studios have a refrigerator.

Can I make a group booking?2021-04-16T14:40:41+02:00

For group bookings, please email us at reservas@sanmiguelpark-ibiza.com.

Are apartments adapted for people with disabilities?2021-04-16T14:41:28+02:00

We’re sorry, but we do not have rooms adapted for people with disabilities.